We make your business matter.

We make your business matter.

Green Tree Marketing is rebranding traditional online marketing in order to get the best possible outcome.

About Us

In a fast-moving environment, we move even faster. We are an IT company in the Online Marketing field, driven by data analytics, market research and digital technology. Our number one goal is to anticipate the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital world and to get to the core of your business for highly customized solutions and exceptional results.

Our team is made up of professionals that make things happen no matter what. The services our experts provide can range from Content and Development, to UI/UX and Support, all adapted to our clients’ demands.

Pushing boundaries with the right mindset and creating new opportunities is our mantra.

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Our Core Values

Quality Services
Quality Services

No matter the circumstances or issues given, we strive in order to make sure that only the best possible results & services are delivered to our clients.

Constant Improvement
Constant Improvement

We are a team of experts who are constantly developing their skills in order to reach excellence in their individual field of work, with specific continual training & research.

Innovative Techniques
Innovative Techniques

Always looking for new solutions and methods, we adapt our researching, testing, and developing to the latest online marketing techniques.

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Meet the Team

Meet Andrei, Head of Affiliation

Q: Why have you decided to join our team?A: I decided to join the team 5 years ago, while I was exploring my career opportunities. Back then the company had only 7 employees but amazing products and big ambitions for the future. Q: What is your favorite part of the company/team/positionA: Personally I like the...

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